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By either mechanism, allylic and benzylic halides are highly reactive . The alkyl halide reactivity order is RI > RBr > RCl. In terms of the existence of the C-X bond, which is a strongly polarised covalent bond due to the large difference in the electronegativities of carbon and halogen atoms, the high reactivity of alkyl halides can be. Among the given options 4th option is the right one. SN2 reaction follows the order of reactivity 1°>2°>3° alkyl halides. E>B>D>A>C is the order of reactivity. SN2 reaction is substitution nucleophilic . View the full answer. Transcribed image text: Rank the following alkyl halides from most reactive to least reactive in an Sn2 reaction.

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(i) CH 3 I will react faster than CH 3 Br because the order of reactivity is as follows: R-I > R-Br > R-Cl > R-F (ii) CH 3 Cl will react faster than (CH 3) 3 CCl because the order of reactivity is as follows in S N 2 reaction. Primary halide > Secondary halide > Tertiary halide.

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